Esteemed Friends of Baseball

It is nothing new once again we find ourselves fighting for fields.  Through the years, we have defended competitive baseball against Soccer, Lacrosse, Adult Softball, Pickleball, Volleyball and even Adult Kickball.  In this time we have seen the demise of 11 baseball fields previously played on by teams of Utah Select.  The repurposing of fields has long been a foe of and frustration for Utah Select Baseball.

The past couple of years and into 2018 has brought us a different foe, however.  Utah Select has always supported Recreation and City League Baseball.  Whether it be paying up to 5 times more for field reservations than Recreation and City Leagues pay, deferring priority scheduling to Recreation & City League Baseball, giving 100% of the snack bar revenue to various City Leagues that we shared fields with, or donating tens of thousands of dollars for lights, mounds, or other improvements - Utah Select has ALWAYS supported and deferred to Recreation and City League programs. 

Over the past couple of years, the City and Recreation League programs have done an end around.  They’ve muddied the lines between Competitive Leagues and City Leagues.  They’ve been untruthful to city officials, parks directors and regional and national Cal Ripken officials. They’ve used their position of authority and allowed (their own) competitive/super league teams to register in City League programs.  Utah Select Baseball has always maintained this approach puts the traditional city league program in jeopardy and baseball in Utah overall in harms way long-term.  This remains the position of Utah Select.

Due to these unfair and disappointing practices Utah Select will have to find a different way to improve Utah baseball.  Effective immediately, the 2018 Spring League and tournaments will be canceled.  Refunds for all 2018 fees will be processed in the coming week. 

We thank the umpires, coaches, parents, and most of all, the players that have called Utah Select Baseball home for the past 10 years.  It’s been an incredible journey.  Thanks for letting us share the love of the game.

Respect the Game.

Utah Select Baseball


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